Letters to the Editor

Vetoed alimony law

For the past several years, the Florida Legislature has attempted to pass alimony reform. The proposed legislation was twice vetoed by the governor.

The first veto was based on the attempt to make the law retroactive. The second veto this past week was based on the bill’s 50/50 timesharing presumption — meaning, an equal split of children’s time between parents is suggested in all cases. While there may be areas of Florida’s alimony law that are ripe for revision, timesharing issues should not be addressed in alimony reform.

Florida’s parenting and timesharing laws are rooted in the concept of placing a child’s best interests first. In fact, the current state of family law in Florida suggests that most parents are receiving nearly equal time with their children.

The bottom line should continue to be that a good parent will maintain a healthy relationship with his or her children. The law should not require one parent to prove that the other is a “bad guy.”

Michael Gilden, Fort Lauderdale