Letters to the Editor

Inspect our cars

Kudos to the writer who suggested bringing back the car inspection program.

While I would hardly consider the District of Columbia’s government the most progressive in the country, one thing it did well was to have car inspections. Originally it was once a year and then changed to every other year. You had to drive to an inspection center.

When you arrived you had to go through a thorough inspection.

If anything failed, you had to come back within a certain time frame for a re-inspection after the problems were corrected. Your windshield had a rejection sticker on it.

When I see the heaps of junk on South Florida roads, I am reminded of the merits of this system. When I first arrived here, you had to take the car in for regular emission check-ups. However, that is no longer necessary. In this age of environmental concerns, why would this not be a necessity?

If they added $10 onto every registration, Florida could easily set up inspection stations around the state. This is for the safety and well-being of us all.

John Rusnak, Sunny Isles Beach