Letters to the Editor

Cruising to Cuba

Fabiola Santiago’s April 10 column, Carnival cruise to Cuba discriminates against a class of Americans, makes some unfair comparisons. She compares the plight of Americans born in Cuba to African Americans not being able to go to Africa.

The number of African Americans born in Africa is infinitesimal at best, ditto for the comparison of American Jews not able to travel to Israel as few American Jews were born in Israel.

While Santiago may not be able to cruise to her homeland today, thanks to President Obama and brave corporations like Carnival, change is coming to Cuba at an unprecedented pace.

Carnival is simply following the present rules of the Cuban government. It is my bet she will be able to sail to Cuba soon.

It’s irresponsible to unfairly vilify a corporation that is one of South Florida’s largest employers.

David Pearlman, Lauderhill