Letters to the Editor

Bal Harbor Shops’ expansion

Stanley Whitman presented his case for the doubling of the size of the Bal Harbour Shops and the increase of more than 50 percent in parking at the mall.

Unfortunately, he failed to mention the serious impact his proposed expansion will have in our community’s quality of life.

If approved, the proposed expansion of the Shops will increase traffic significantly in the heart of our community.

Our streets are already congested, and the Florida Department of Transportation describes the intersection of Collins Avenue and 96th Street as Level D service, the second-worst possible level of service in the state.

Why didn’t he mention the lawsuits he filed against the Village and its elected officials as retribution for his failed attempt to steamroll this project through the council?

The greatest cities are ranked by their ability to balance infrastructure development with the livability of its neighborhoods.

Unfortunately, because of Whitman’s attacks on our Village, Bal Harbour will no longer be as successful as it was, and it probably will rank low on this index.

Lynne Bloch, Bal Harbour