Letters to the Editor

Inequality in Miami-Dade

We hear the word “inequality” so often, but what’s the big deal? Can there be a better example than the information provided by the April 7 story In Miami, a few miles means a 15-year gap in length of life?

A child raised in Key Biscayne has a life expectancy of 87 years, while a child from Overtown has a life expectancy of 71 years.

Miami-Dade County isn’t the only geographic area in the United States to show such dramatic findings. What’s more, these children are more likely to have chronic illnesses, less likely to access good nutrition, medical care, quality childcare or even good-quality public schools.

The effect of these deficits often leads to decreased educational outcomes, so that employment opportunities are reduced. Stress is increasingly being recognized as affecting physical health, mental health and intellectual abilities, and stress levels in the neighborhoods showing these findings are usually higher than normal.

Shall we continue what we’re doing or begin the process of change? It’s largely up to our political leaders, but we have the voice and the vote.

Wil Blechman, MD, Miami

Cruz and Manhattan

With his New York values comments, Ted Cruz is between 30 Rock and a hard place.

Barry Levy,


Yelling at Scott

Re Fred Grimm’s April 7 column, The insult to Scott that sent video viral: I thought it was brave of Cara Jenkins to confront and call out Scott on these issues given he was surrounded by six staff members.

Scott refused to accept Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion, so now a million low-income Floridians are uninsured.

His defunding of Planned Parenthood especially hurts low-income women. He deserves to be berated as the worst governor in modern history — so kudos to Jenkins for her harangue.

However, she didn’t have time to mention that early in his term the “jobs governor” turned down $2.4 billion of federal dollars to establish high-speed rail in Florida, which would have created thousands of well-paying jobs, not to mention it would have lowered auto traffic and thus improved air quality.

Many people forget that he promised to create 700,000 jobs above the 1 million jobs that the economy would normally generate, so to date he is 700,000 jobs short. Scott’s staff instructed the Department of Environmental Protection and his administration not to use the words “global warming” and “climate change”— all while the streets of Miami Beach regularly flood and billions in Florida real estate is in jeopardy.

So yes, indeed: Shame on Gov. Scott!

Doug Mayer,