Letters to the Editor

The art of water

How can we humans, in our short lives, reflect and understand the ever-evolving Universe and changing Earth in which we live?

How can we process human history, and how we, as a species, have actually changed the warmth of our oceans and atmosphere, shifting global climate?

How many years before we see how much of an increase in sea-level rise? How long before the salt-water plume created by the cooling canals at Turkey Point pollute our fresh water wells with salt water?

How long before our governor accepts that industrious humans are the driving force of climate change?

The numbers keep accumulating, and the news isn’t good. It’s overwhelming.

At some point many of us just turn it off and go back to the demands of living. But living is what all of these numbers are about.

How can we stay engaged, and how can we as a community cometogether and take action? Humans have always reveled in the Earth and its mysteries through art. Art — as in dance, music, theater and visual art —is the common denominator that speaks to our souls and viscerally helps move us to action.

This month of April, Miami is filled with events around, about and concerning water. National Water Dance, directed by Dale Andree, is a site-specific, simultaneous nationwide dance event created to bring attention through dance performances to water issues all over our nation.

This is the second year for this homegrown Miami event, which takes place locally at the Deering Estate at 4 p.m. on April 16 and has grown to 32 states across the country. Miami’s Tigertail Productions is presenting a month of water inspired events.

This is the people’s crusade. Artists reacting to a changing climate, a “bury-our-head-in-the-sand” state government and increasing apocalyptic information from the science community.

The artists’ answer is to use their art to explore these big challenges.

They share the joys and sadness of what they discover, helping us process what’s at stake, moving us to action and hopefully informing our solutions.

Be inspired by all that’s happening this April. For more information, go to: www.nationalwaterdance.org and www.tigertail.org

Colleen Ahern-Hettich, director, Earth Ethics Institute, Miami Dade College