Letters to the Editor

Scott an unethical leader?

Florida’s former FDLE Commissioner Gerald Bailey insisted on doing his job ethically. He refused to delete emails asking for campaign donations, refused to transport first lady Ann Scott’s campaign staffer, refused to accept $90,000 from the Republican Party to cover Gov. Scott’s transporting campaign workers because it was from a political party and he is fired. Then Scott and his staff refuse to acknowledge that Bailey was fired saying he resigned.

If I resigned from a job, I wouldn’t be ushered out the door two hours earlier than initially stated. Am I the only one that thinks there is too much going on in the Scott camp that isn’t ethical?

Scott found ways to defraud Medicare at his HCA hospital and get away with not one day in jail. Now he’s finding ways to create a seemingly honest government, except he won’t show e-mails. Not too transparent. Guess we’ll have to wait until he is out of office to learn the real truth.

Trudy N. Lechner, Miami