Letters to the Editor

Words matter

Though I support the court decision to permit same-sex marriage in Florida, I was disturbed by Leonard Pitts Jr.’s comment that in this debate, as with civil rights and women’s rights, there “is only one side for decent people to be” (Jeb Bush’s grudging O.K. to same-sex unions, Jan. 14, Other Views).

There are those who supported equal rights for gays and lesbians, but who also thought that legal civil unions, rather than marriage, were more appropriate to accomplish that goal. One of those people, until recently, was President Obama, who enjoys just about total support from Pitts.

Did Pitts think that the president was an indecent person because he preferred civil unions over marriage for gays and lesbians? Are all priests, rabbis and ministers who believe in civil unions indecent? There is a minority in this country who would deny gays and lesbians their fundamental civil rights. I believe that such a stance is not decent, but I know that many decent people sometimes hold positions that I find offensive. Their position may be indecent, not necessarily them. Pitts should be careful in his choice of words.

Edwin Farber, Miami