Letters to the Editor

Proud of Hadid

So much has been written in tribute to late architect Zaha Hadid recently (The world’s only superstar female architect dies, April 1). Adding to this, we live in the city that has the dubious distinction of being where she passed, so it’s local for us, too.

So much of the coverage regards her work and the barriers she broke. All remarkable. Yet what is missing from the reporting of her life and work, and amazing to me, is the incredible regard held for her in the Middle East. It’s well known she is Muslim — the first to top the modern architectural world, but is she Sunni? Shiite? It never mattered. Who else in the Islamic world so deftly rose above these distinctions? More telling is how oblivious Western coverage has been to its importance.

It is sometimes hard to be proud of Miami with its corruption, materialism, and incompetent government. However, it’s a perfect melting pot — no one cares (much) about religion or nationality. It is fitting that we will host her final work, One Thousand Museum. For that we should be forever proud.

Bill Stettner,

Fort Lauderdale