Letters to the Editor

Everglades as art

Despite the sad details of the Jenny Staletovich April 2 story, Cost of Everglades restoration could double to $16 billion, with its surge of facts on pollution, dirtied water and “shores a grimy black,” my world paused and my heart was lifted by the Jon Kral photograph.

Though the image was small, it was an artistic statement that deserves a mural installation at a museum of fine art. Give him more opportunities to capture more of those banks of brooding clouds in celestial light and those rose and lavender sky tints mirrored in the waters of our own trammeled, yet magnificent, River of Grass.

Staletovich and Kral could, and should, write the book on the tortuous comeback of our wetlands. They are superb at what they do.

Miriam Rosen, Miami