Letters to the Editor

Classical music on WLRN

In his March 31 letter, Alfred Brooks laments the absence of a classical radio station in Miami and goes on to describe WLRN Public Radio as “just another talk-radio station.”

Brooks seems unaware that last summer WLRN brought back classical music to South Florida’s airwaves.

WLRN’s HD-2 radio channel allows listeners to enjoy classical music 24 hours a day through HD-capable radios, live-stream on wlrn.org as well as WLRN’s iPhone and android apps.

Classical music as a standalone format isn’t financially sustainable as demonstrated by the sale of what was WTMI more than a decade ago and, most recently, the loss of Classical South Florida. But when combined alongside WLRN’s powerhouse National Public Radio and local news format, classical music thrives.

We understand the importance and impact that classical music has in our community and we will continue to provide this service far into the future.

John Labonia,

general manager,

WLRN Public Media,