Letters to the Editor

Tainted water

Re FPL President Eric Silagy’s March 16 opinion column, FPL works hard in Florida to provide safe, clean energy: FPL has not be transparent about what it is doing with respect to the operations of its Turkey Point cooling canals, the operation of which are exacerbating the incursion of the salt water plume west toward the county’s South Dade (Navy Wells) wellfield.

Silagy talks about “no lasting adverse impact” on Biscayne Bay, while the operation’s affects are materially adverse and ongoing. We note his use of the phrase “our water.” While FPL thinks the fresh water supplied by the L-31 canal and the underlying aquifer is theirs, it belongs to the people of Florida. They are just borrowing it, contaminating it and giving it back to us.

Jose Francisco Barros,

president, Tropical

Audubon Society, Miami