Letters to the Editor

Trump coverage

Eugene Robinson’s March 31 argument, Don’t blame the media for Trump, is as dishonest as it is absurd. His defense is the media only report the news, they don’t make it. Bunk. They decide the amount and type of coverage. And that becomes the news.

Of course, the Donald Trump circus brings eyeballs, which bring advertising dollars. It’s business.

The media have given Trump $1.9 billion in free advertising, which Robinson defends because of “the extraordinary size of the crowds.” What about coverage with no crowds, such as his call-ins to radio and TV shows and questions put to experts on foreign policy or economics that start with “What is your reaction to what Donald Trump said about …”

With the social and traditional media’s love of train wrecks, literal and metaphoric, Abraham Lincoln wouldn’t stand a chance in the 2016 election.

June S. Neal, Delray Beach