Letters to the Editor

Cubans matter

I found it ironic reading the March 25 article Karadzic convicted of genocide, gets 40-year sentence, from a U.N. war-crimes court for genocide of the Serbs. On the other hand, President Obama and many others glorify Raúl and Fidel Castro, calling them presidents although they have never been selected in a democratic election. So the Cubans that the Castros have killed without a cause or trial and those who died in various ways trying to reach freedom, don’t matter.

Obama tossed a wreath into the Rio de la Plata in Argentina in memory of thousands killed as a result of human-right violations by former presidents. He should have done the same in the Bay of Havana to commemorate the government’s sinking of the tug boat 13 de Marzo, drowning men, women and children trying to escape their oppression.

I guess it’s the legacy of being the first U.S. president in 88 years to visit Cuba that’s important, not the human-rights violations in Cuba happening even while he was visiting.

Elena Dyer, Miami