Letters to the Editor

End transit insanity

Re the March 31 article A better bus system in South Dade — but first, a light-rail revolt: Nobody wants them “to modernize bus travel” except the people who run that antiquated and unpopular system.

It is just so stupid. Light rail goes over intersections. There would be no more ridiculous “double wait times” to make a right turn on a red through the Busway that is barely used; less traffic backed up from turns off of U.S. 1; fewer cars on the road because the higher speed and consistent movement of rail makes the entire transit experience more inviting; fewer accidents, so much less hassle.

In life, you almost always wind up paying. The question in this case is, Do you pay up front for construction and sustain costs by actually collecting fares from riders as you go, changing a whole culture of danger and anxiety and increasing time management resulting in higher, less stressful worker productivity or do you get a better bus that people still won’t ride?

Artie Leichner, Homestead