Letters to the Editor

Limiting freedoms

This is what Bob Guerin wrote in his letter to the Herald on March 27: “We cannot tolerate a separate society that doesn’t wish to learn or speak English, or allows some to dress and live as they please.”

Had this assertion been written in the old East Germany or North Korea few would be surprised.

But it was written by someone here in the United States. And here lies the rub — and the danger. Too many are eager to limit freedoms of groups other than themselves.

Instead of acknowledging that painting groups with a broad, indiscriminate brush is wrong, they find it easier to assume all are collectively guilty of crimes committed by a few that share similar traits.

Some have learned little by our country’s egregious internment of Japanese Americans during World War II, and the evidence of this limited memory is made obvious by some, including a few running for president.

Sid Kaskey, South Miami