Letters to the Editor

Port paramedics

On Saturday, Feb. 27, after I happened to fall at PortMiami, paramedics were summoned. The four young paramedics who arrived from Miami Dade Fire Rescue, Ladder 39, A Shift, were efficient, polite, concerned and full of good humor, which I really needed at that time.

They had been attending to another patient when they were called and within a short time I was bandaged, my blood pressure had been monitored and they were off to another emergency.

I will be forever grateful to Lt. Luis Santana and firefighters Gene W. Jones, Henri Tolbert, and Art Alvarez Recio.

No one wants to need medical assistance, but when that need arises, it helps to know that the paramedics are there for us.

I made the cruise, returned home safely and am happy to say that the few scratches and scars will soon disappear.

Johanna Morten-Rota,