Letters to the Editor

Defending Trump

For as long as I can remember it was always the right that criticized the press for being biased.

I always took that with a grain of salt, but this election cycle has really exposed the media’s warts.

Suddenly, it’s OK to report statements made by Donald Trump as if they came from the opponent’s camp. Take “ban all Muslims” — it’s half of the statement.

Mexico is “sending crime and rapists,” again it’s half the statement.

Suddenly, it’s OK for people to invade a political rally, not to engage in dialogue or espouse a point of view, but only to disrupt and or stifle the speaker as if that is a noble cause.

Trump “incites violence” is again taken out of context, but is merrily reported.

Personally, I have had a low opinion of Trump as an entertainer, but now I have an even lower opinion of the media — not to mention the hypocrisy of both political parties.

Herb Schneider,

Miami Shores