Letters to the Editor

Trump as president

So far, the election process has seemed no less than surreal, and what may happen next will become four-star entertainment for the rest of the world to watch.

If Donald Trump secures the Republican nomination, people will prepare to watch the first Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump debate as if they’re attending a Super Bowl party. The ratings will shoot through the roof, and the anticipation may be well worth the entertainment value of their first face-off.

But think about it: If Trump becomes president, coverage of his presidency will be like another Truman Show. What will Trump do to the White House, renovate, remodel or “Trumpa-tize” it? What kind of parties will he throw, and who will be on his guest list?

Coverage of Trump’s presidency will take on a new life of its own, and there will be little, if any, noticeable demarcation between watching the 6:30 news and Entertainment Tonight. More people will watch the evening news than ever before because they’ll want to see what happens next in these very bizarre times we’re living in, as the blurred line between politics and reality-entertainment finally fades away.

Gordon D. Sokoloff ,

Coral Gables