Letters to the Editor

Tsunami in Havana

I was born in Cuba, came to the United States as a resident, never lived under the Castro regime and have no family left in Cuba. I’ve endured all these years the pain of what has become of my beautiful island and my people. I was against President Obama’s opening relations with Cuba without any concessions regarding human rights and lifting the embargo.

Now, with all that’s happening so fast, I have conflicting emotions. With President Obama’s visit, the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, the Rolling Stones concert (after rock music’s prohibition for so many years), the visit of all those bright and successful Cuban-American leaders, I see freedom as a tsunami wave that even Raúl Castro with all his goons will not be able to stop.

I’m not that naive — I understand how manipulative and calculating his dictatorship is, but I don’t think Castro saw this coming.

Miriam Salazar, Aventura