Letters to the Editor

Protecting us against radical Muslims

As with past opinions, the March 25 editorial, Ted Cruz plan to target Muslims off base, is long on political correctness and short on facts and reality. Your reasoning is in tune with the Democratic Party’s cries of racism and bigotry directed at Republican candidates. At the least, it is unfair and misleading.

Sen. Ted Cruz is attacked because he recognizes the threat of radical Islam and its tentacles, which reach into ethical, religious and patriotic Muslim neighborhoods. There is evidence that this is happening. Muslims are the problem, and the religion needs to get busy excising radicals who want nothing more than to kill more Americans.

The editorial says that the “majority of Muslim Americans are horrified by the violence in the name of their religion.” Yes, we all agree with that. It is a minority in the religion that is causing the problem. Just how great is that minority? Pew researchers are providing the answers. In the United States, there are some 3 million Muslims. Applying the Pew research factor of 5 percent, there are 150,000 terrorists inside these 50 states.

As both Cruz and Donald Trump have said, America must be vigilant, and Muslims needs to report terrorists within their ranks.

The editorial also mistakenly said that there was unnecessary and ineffective surveillance of Muslims under former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who said that after 9/11, New York policemen went undercover and maintained a surveillance which identified radicals. For your editorial to say otherwise is being misleading in pursuit of being “politically correct.”

President Obama has looked the other way as radical Muslims have hatched plans to kill nonbelievers. Every president who takes his oath seriously must recognize the threat of radical Islam, and must act to protect citizens of America.

William Juneau,