Letters to the Editor

Veto SB 1010 and investigate nuke plant

I wrote to Gov. Rick Scott to express my disappointment over the state’s failure to grandfather and implement Coral Gables’ ban on polystyrene, which received input and support from the local business community in addition to the general citizenry.

On Feb. 25, the state appropriations committee added a polystyrene preemption to SB1010 that prohibits municipal governments from banning polystyrene foam. The preemption language allows all existing local ordinances to be grandfathered except for the Coral Gables ordinance, which would be the only existing local ordinance preempted.

As an elected official, it is my duty to ensure that policies portray the well-being and safety of my constituents. On Nov. 4, 2014, 74.96 percent of Floridians voted in favor of the Florida Water and Land Conservation Initiative, also known as Amendment 1. It sent a clear message that Floridians believe Amendment 1 is the best option to keep our drinking water clean, protect our rivers, lakes, and springs, restore natural treasures like the Everglades, and preserve our beaches and shores without any increase in taxes.

I would also like for the governor to investigate the contamination caused by the pumping at Turkey Point. This nuclear plant is already on environmentally sensitive land, and the results of the latest study released by Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, has found more than 215 times the normal levels of tritium in the bay water. FPL’s lack of attention to this matter has become a direct threat to our safety and water supply.

On behalf Coral Gables, I respectfully ask Gov. Scott to veto the preemption on polystyrene and reevaluate what’s happened at Turkey Point. This would exemplify his leadership, demonstrate his administration’s attention in protecting our environment, and champion what Floridians have asked for.

Vince Lago, commissioner, Coral Gables