Letters to the Editor

Tragic lessons

It used to be easy for Muslim terrorists to enter the United States, live here quietly while plotting the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon and carry out their dastardly schemes. Prior to 9/11, one might have asked, why would the epitome of the free world not allow free access to our shores? We all know that security and vetting of possible terrorist infiltrators entering the United States was tightened up thereafter.

The terrorist attacks since in the United Kingdom, Paris and Belgium have demonstrated that European security agencies had not been communicating with each other or with U.S. security agencies. After 9/11, preventing terrorist attacks should have been the primary purpose of any government.

In the aftermath of American and European terror attacks, intergovernmental and interagency information sharing will be key to prevention of future attacks. However, rooting out the cause of this hatred and barbarity toward Western culture and the freedoms we enjoy needs to come from preventing the education of hatred in the Muslim madrasas and in the Muslim homes.

Robert E. Pickard, Miami