Letters to the Editor

Turkey Point

Turkey Point, which has been operating safely for more than 40 years, has recently received undue attention for tritium found in the cooling canals. Unfortunately, what critics have failed to note is that the highest level of tritium found is nearly 80 percent safer than the EPA standard.

Critics also fail to highlight that Turkey Point has been recognized with the top award for environmental stewardship and land management. It provides a favorable habitat for endangered species and preserves the surrounding wetlands. Let’s not forget it is a critical source of affordable power. Through the efficiency of the plant’s employees, the facility keeps customers’ electric bills low.

As a former commissioner and vice mayor of Aventura, I know how important it is to keep our utilities accountable, but presenting out-of-context information doesn’t serve the public’s interest.

Luz Weinberg, member, Clean and Safe Energy Coalition, Aventura