Letters to the Editor

Castro upstaged

Re the March 29 article Fidel to Obama: We don’t need your ‘presents’: I was wondering how long Fidel Castro would go without opening his mouth and blasting President Obama’s visit.

He must have been in a fit of rage when Obama didn’t go to meet with him and he was ignored like a useless old rug put away in the closet. The man cannot stand anyone else in the world upstaging him, particularly in his own back yard. He must be smoldering inside seeing the country change from his regime of failed economic, social and political disasters to one that is opening to the world. What a bitter, frustrated and egotistical man Castro is.

In his 89th year, it must be tough for him to accept that all he did ended in failure. In 55 years, all he accomplished was to turn a prosperous country into one from the 19th century. He must be living in his own Hades, watching his world crumble while he becomes an insignificant point in history as time passes him by.

Mario Bacallao, Miami