Letters to the Editor

New refugees make us vulnerable

As President Obama reaffirms his promise to bring 100,000-plus Iraqi and Syrian refugees to America, a fresh crop of terrorists will soon continue to infiltrate our country disguised as refugees.

Americans are now forced to prepare to live in fear of regular attacks right here at home in our buses, trains, airports, movies, churches, supermarkets, subways and everywhere we live.

President Obama and his indifferent and blind supporters refuse to acknowledge the disastrous result of the politically correct and lax European border controls that has resulted in the virulent Europe of today, infected by the terrorists that has overtaken that continent over time.

It has been years since we were left shell-shocked by the 9/11 attacks and realized we had lost our freedom to live carefree. Instead of finding the weak link in our system, what the Obama administration proposes to do is to weaken our protections further and ignores the consequences of not putting the interests of the American people first.

Instead he proposes to adopt immigration policies that will make us even more vulnerable to terrorists on our own soil. His main interest to open our borders to people to which there is no reliable method to vet for national security. We will live in constant fear that our children and grandchildren could be a target anywhere, at anytime, only because they happen to be out enjoying their youth.

Why are so many so blinded by party that they will not raise their voices against an administration bent on minimizing our national security, sitting on the sidelines while we head toward destruction?

What comes first in your mind? Your safety and the safety of your family, or keeping a blind alliance to a government that isn’t doing all it should to protect us? Obama’s term is almost over. I hope we don’t continue this madness by electing Hillary Clinton.

Sara Rosado,

Coral Gables