Letters to the Editor

Jockey Club suit

I was surprised to read about the lawsuit that my own condominium board recently filed against a proposed new development at the Jockey Club (Jockey Club residents sue developer, March 12).

As a longtime Jockey Club resident, I love my community, but I also realize that our outdated property needs numerous upgrades and repairs.

Therefore, spending residents’ dollars on expensive lawsuits instead of on our real needs just does not seem right. In addition, spending our money on lawsuits to halt a project that would improve our community seems even worse.

The Apeiron project would bring a laundry list of amenities to our community, including a new seawall, entryway, dog park, tennis courts, marina and children’s playground. These are things for which unit owners would not have to pay and would certainly enjoy. This project not only would improve our overall community, it also would improve our quality of life.

Isabel Osorio, Miami