Letters to the Editor

Eliminating TB

Re the March 24 letter TB is still a killer we need to eradicate: World TB Day: I thank the Miami Herald for bringing much needed attention to strengthening global healthcare initiatives, systems and programs. Education, earnest collaboration, research and development of affordable drugs are critical to combating pandemic diseases.

Tuberculosis, like Zika, is a global pandemic killing someone approximately every 20 seconds and targets the most vulnerable, women and children.

By combating three of the leading global health pandemics, HIV AIDS, TB and malaria and supporting replenishment of the Global Fund to End AIDS TB and Malaria, we can save millions of lives and bring social and economic opportunity and end the cycle of poverty.

Thank you to Florida’s members of Congress who sit on the bipartisan Congressional TB Elimination Caucus for their support in eliminating TB.

Betsy Skipp, Miami