Letters to the Editor

Offshore drilling

The current administration recently made the disappointing decision to reverse course and not allow energy development off of the Atlantic coast.

This was a senseless decision based on emotion rather than facts, and it isn’t in America’s best economic or national security interest.

Refusing to develop domestic energy sources is a mistake that hinders job growth and continues to make us more dependent than we need to be on foreign sources of energy. We have the resources and technology to produce energy cleanly and cheaply, and I have yet to hear a good argument for why we should abandon that pursuit in the Atlantic.

Cuba is already drilling off our shores. If offshore drilling is what we are concerned about, I’d rather it be regulated by the United States than Cuba.

Allowing a portion of the Atlantic outer continental shelf to be opened for responsible energy production could create 200,000 new American jobs, and it would help our energy costs stay low.

Robert Shultz, Miami Springs