Letters to the Editor

Too much religious rhetoric

I feel I’m living in 1492 rather than 2016.

Religious persecution is running rampant in the current presidential campaign. Evangelicals are dominating both opinion polls and in voting booths.

Raised in New England, with a family heritage back to the 1600s, I believe in and was taught the importance of the separation of church and state, the backbone of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Yes, many Muslims are intent on eliminating the state of Israel and all infidels, myself included. However there are also many good, faithful, peace-loving Muslims in our country and around the world.

It frightens me to see our country veering to the extreme, promoting prejudices not only directed at Muslims, but also Hispanics and, potentially, the Jewish population as well, if you extrapolate the current “dangerous enclave/pogrom” mentality. The voices of reason have been drowned by the heated rhetoric of the rabid.

Susan Ackley, Miami Shores