Letters to the Editor

Employ ex-offenders

Leonard Pitts has it right in his March 20 column, A word about crime and punishment.

We must do more — as a community and as individuals — to ensure that those who’ve served their time for crimes committed have an opportunity to rebuild their lives upon release.

Transition, Inc. has been serving returning citizens for over 44 years, assisting with training and job placement.

Thankfully, many local employers are willing to give ex-offenders a second chance, but so many still close the doors to those with a criminal record without considering the nature of the offense or the time that has passed since it was committed.

We encourage our local employers to call Transition 305-571-2001, if you are willing to give an ex-offender a second chance with the offer of a job.

Alan Rauzin,

president, Transition, Inc.,

Miami Beach