Letters to the Editor

Mitch McConnell’s neglect

Is Sen. Mitch McConnell’s publicly-stated position on filling the Supreme Court vacancy a ploy to intimidate the president or is it his actual position concerning this matter?

The former is a legitimate, though devious use of power, but the latter is both an abuse of authority and a dereliction of duty.

In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers posited “advise and consent” authority in Supreme Court judges appointments in the Senate, which originally represented the states and its members were usually elected by their state legislatures, instead of in the House of Representatives.

Although the manner of electing senators has changed over time, the authority granted to the Senate has not.

The Founding Fathers didn’t subscribe to giving the people a voice in the appointment of Supreme Court justices and McConnell, a former judge, knows this.

Whittington B. Johnson,