Letters to the Editor

The Rolling Stones in Cuba

Nothing surprises me about the “Cuba Now” madness taking place right before our eyes.

Surely, the Castro regime cannot be accused of hiding its recalcitrant “take it or leave it” message to its ardent suitors in the United States.

Any significant change will be as Cuba’s regime determines it to be, particularly as relates to human rights.

Remember how Pope Francis’ visit was to be the divine catalyst for change?

I want to know what the Holy Father thinks about the spectacle of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones concert scheduled to be held in Havana, of all days, on Good Friday, the single day of the year when the world becomes silent in respectful sorrow to mourn the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

Whether one is Catholic or not, it cannot be denied that the holy day stands for the excruciating sacrifice of one man for the greater good. There is definitely something wrong with this picture.

Mikki Canton,

Coral Gables