Letters to the Editor

FPL’s pollution

How can more people continue to move here when our limited fresh water supply is being destroyed by FPL?

It appears that the system is going to crash, and we will be in the red. All of this is the result of unbridled growth, limited natural resources and the polluting by FPL.

It’s shameful that the Tropical Audubon Society and others have to expend limited financial resources on lawsuits because our government is ineffective.

It’s a shame that politicians take campaign contributions from FPL and sometimes indirect support through PACs and ECOs. Seems like a conflict of interest to me.

Shame on politicians who sign up their municipalities for 30-year franchise agreements with FPL.

This was done to the residents of South Miami, a city with a publicly lauded “green” mayor. We could have lived without the franchise fees. What we can’t live without, on all levels of government, is integrity.

Antoinette B. Fischer, member, Tropical Audubon Society and National Audubon Society, South Miami