Letters to the Editor

Learn from Europe

There is a grave lesson to be learned from Europe’s terrorist attacks.

Europe may be unable to stem the tide of terrorism, but the United States has the opportunity to act now before we, too, have areas of non-assimilating immigrants.

We cannot allow neighborhoods to become “balkanized” by any ethnic or religious group. We cannot allow areas of a city, county or state where assimilation is rejected by significant numbers. We cannot tolerate a separate society that doesn’t wish to learn or speak English, obey our laws or allows some to dress and live as they please. We cannot accept a separate population that doesn’t respect our Constitution or cooperate with law enforcement creating a “no-go” area of danger to outsiders.

These are the safe harbors that produce and protect the seeds of terrorism.

We should and must allow investigation of any community or neighborhood that exhibits the symptoms of such urban separation.

Europe for years has allowed these communities to exist and become so entrenched that extraction will result in urban warfare.

Political correctness be damned, we have no choice but to aggressively monitor, and if need be, intervene if an incubation chamber for terrorism develops.

Bob Guerin,