Letters to the Editor

BDS is racist

The BDS movement (boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel) is the rankest form of racism.

BDS disproportionately focuses on Israel while ignoring massacres of civilians in Syria, discrimination against women and gays throughout the Arab world, rape terrorism in African civil wars and many other examples of heinous actions by other countries.

Not one entity endorsing BDS has ever endorsed sanctions against another country. BDS is not pro-Palestinian it is anti-Jewish, and has morphed into anti-Semitism on college campuses, with Nazi-like falsehoods being promoted against Jews. Israel is the only place in the region where Palestinians can be citizens.

Palestinians do not leave Israel, because their life is better there than anywhere else in the Middle East. Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq keep Palestinians in refugee camps.

On the Palestinian side, knifings against innocent civilians are encouraged without criticism, and streets and babies are named after those who murder Israeli civilians. If entities want to engage in the racism of BDS they are free to do so, but the Constitution allows governmental entities to distance themselves from this racism.

Jay Halpern,

Coral Gables