Letters to the Editor

End Ultra festival

As another Ultra Music Festival dissipates, and the city and several families are grappling with yet another tragedy (Police probe death of Ultra-goer, March 21).

At what point do we ask ourselves, Is the perceived value from such an event worth the societal cost? Are political leaders complicit by allowing Ultra to continue? Are we all complicit if we don’t demand that this be Ultra’s last year?

Over and over we hear that Ultra is a marquee event that puts Miami on the map. We hear that the individuals are to blame for their own behavior, and that Ultra is somehow an innocent bystander to the tragedies.

Yes, bad behavior will always find an outlet, however, should we facilitate such behavior by granting the use of public space? At what point do we stop overvaluing Ultra’s shallow benefits and start valuing lives? I believe we’ve reached that point.

Mark Diaz,

South Miami