Letters to the Editor

MDX’s high tolls

I had just logged on to fill out the form for the MDX Dividend Program, when I realized MDX hasn’t yet paid me for 2015.

I called the help number to ask where my check was.

I was told that my transponder hadn’t reached the threshold for a refund, which is an absolute lie. Last year I paid a small fortune to SunPass.

But it’s what the customer-service worker told me after I started complaining of too many SunPass tolls that sent shock waves down my spine. She said, “You don’t have to use our expressways if you don’t want to pay the toll. You should know that it’s a privilege to use our expressways.”

Privilege? Really? OK, I’m upping the ante in the war against the biggest crooks in Miami.

Not only do I demand that MDX rolls back tolls, but it’s time that it start taking down many of its toll units. Everybody already knows that its budget is a lie, anyway.

Brian Bender, Miami