Letters to the Editor

Repeal ethanol law

The Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency since 2007, has mandated the addition of E85 ethanol to gasoline.

Ethanol fuel is refined mainly from corn. While being corn-based has given ethanol a “greener” reputation than gasoline, research suggests that this may not be the case. Ethanol contains 33 percent less energy per gallon than gas, therefore, lowering fuel efficiency. In addition, any corn diverted to ethanol production means less food available for Americans. This scarcity leads to artificially high food prices, meaning we all have less to spend on other goods, thereby hurting our economy.

A gallon of traditional gasoline takes only five gallons of water to produce, whereas a gallon of ethanol can take up to 170 gallons to produce. This combined with studies that show ethanol may actually produce more carbon dioxide during combustion than gasoline is leading some environmentalists and car producers to support the repeal of this law. The fact is this law is hurting America in more ways than one.

Stephen Costello,