Letters to the Editor

Support science museum

There are many art museums. There is only one science museum, and there is no more important cultural institution in town. Period.

A science museum helps children and their families better understand their world and the universe. It helps shape their world view, making them better engaged, better educated thinkers.

As it is, the museum is closed. The old one shut down; the new one isn’t finished yet. That means there is an entire group of school children who will not participate in experiential learning. We can’t extend this vacuum for another year.

Imagine if we were having this debate around public schools staying open. No one would ever dream of shutting down schools for a few years until the funds were around to open them again. Let’s not do this to the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science.

We have to do everything we can to tell elected officials how important this is to the people who live here. We need to finish the building now so its doors can open again.

Xavier Cortada, Miami