Letters to the Editor

Invest in Mideast peace

The March 17 opinion article Florida law suppresses anti-Israel campaigns had some interesting points. However, I was reminded that if the people of the Middle East simply invested in their own economies, instead of investing in destroying the economies of others, there might be peace in the region.

David Berman, South Miami

Nuclear plants

Some context would be useful in evaluating the March 7 article FPL nuclear plant canals leaking into Biscayne Bay, concerning tritium leaks from Turkey Point. There is no definitive epidemiological study to assess the true risk of tritium because it’s hard for radiation monitoring devices to detect it. Any tritium, that enters the surrounding ocean, would be quickly diluted to nothing.

Coal power plants emit 100 times the radiation of nuclear power. We have 15 coal fired power plants in Florida. It’s these power plants, not Turkey Point, that represent the real threat to our surrounding waters.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, made up of thousands of leading scientists and engineers from around the world, has concluded that nuclear energy is indispensable in the fight against climate change. I hope we’ll listen to their sound advice and not our fears.

Gabriel Ignetti,