Letters to the Editor

Future of transit

With 2.7 million residents, Miami-Dade County has more than 1 million registered vehicles. A community of this size needs a safe and efficient alternative to car travel, and Miami-Dade Transit doesn’t measure up.

Miami-Dade needs to look to the future and create a transit system that reflects the demographics of our rapidly evolving community. It needs to have climate control to accommodate our tropical climate, it needs to be capable of spanning the many Keys and beach communities that we inhabit, and it needs to be accessible for people with disabilities and small children.

But there is a larger issue at stake, the health of our planet and the very existence of our city. According to the EPA, CO2 emissions are the largest contributor to global warming.

Decreasing the number of cars on the road will reduce our CO2 output and help stave off global warming and sea-level rise.

Revitalizing our transit system will create jobs, be good for our residents, good for our planet and will launch Miami into the realm of world class cities that it strives to occupy.

Maxine Latremoille,