Letters to the Editor

Dr. Geraldi’s gift of love

I do not know if I have ever heard of a more compassionate, altruistic and loving man than Dr. Michael Geraldi. What he and his wife have done for so many years qualifies them for sainthood because they have made miracles happen every day. I have grown up in South Florida and though I have never had the honor of meeting these incredible people, I admire and cherish what they have done for many years.

In this “selfie generation” where it seems like the intent of so many is bringing attention to themselves and acquiring wealth in a materialistic society, this amazing couple did the opposite. They could have lived an affluent lifestyle and traveled around the world as many in their professions can afford to do. However, they gave everything they had, most important of which was their love, to some of the most needy and less-fortunate children of our society.

Dr. Geraldi raised the bar not only as a pediatrician, spouse, and father, but as an overall human being. If we could all reach into our hearts to see the world through his eyes and act accordingly, it would be a much better place. It is not only our community that has lost an amazing person, it is all of humanity.

Ron Magill, Miami