Letters to the Editor

Veto abortion bill

I’m a primary care physician who frequently sees women for family planning counseling.

For my patients, this means that we discuss their pregnancy intentions; and, if appropriate, their desired methods of contraception. This also means that, when my patients are pregnant and do not want to be, we discuss options for terminating their pregnancy.

The Florida Legislature passed SB 1722/HB 1411, an omnibus act that mandates medically unnecessary regulations for abortion providers in Florida and will severely limit the abortion options for my patients and for the women of this state.

These regulations — most notably requiring hospital-admitting privileges for abortion providers — ignore decades of research that shows that abortions are safe, outpatient procedures that almost never require hospitalization. This regulation effectively gives individual hospitals power over a physician’s ability to provide abortion care.

It’s clear that the supporters of this bill have never sat in an exam room with a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy who is looking for options to re-imagine her life.

I urge Gov. Rick Scott to support the women of Florida and their legal right to abortion by exercising his power to veto SB 1722/HB 1411.

Sarah E. Stumbar, MD Miami