Letters to the Editor

Put the guns down

Lately, more often than not I find myself watching the news or reading the newspaper of another child or youth being shot or killed in Miami-Dade.

I ask myself what is going on in our communities today, why aren’t people in the community doing the right thing, and most of all do black lives matter to black people. While we ponder those three things the children in our communities continue to lose their lives almost daily.

After the latest shooting of a 6-year-old Kin Carter, I decided to write to my people because no one wants to provide any information that may be helpful in capturing those responsible for this violence because of the street code of “no snitching.”

Echoing voices of stop the violence, save our youth, and put the guns down is the mantra of those in the community as well as families devastated by the ongoing violence.

So my community, if we want the violence to end we must not neglect to do what’s right. But until we choose right over our plight, the violence and loss of our youth will continue.

Natasha Cooper, Hollywood