Letters to the Editor

Obama’s Cuba visit

So President Obama and the First Lady will soon land in Cuba.

Approaching the island he may wonder about the reddishness of the ground and will be surprised at the sheer size of Havana, including its long boulevards and historic monuments while, at the same time, be puzzled by the absence of any commercial advertisements.

Lost in the welcoming ceremonies, the obligatory abrazos and perhaps even the compulsory drive in a vintage convertible down the Malecón, will be the bitter reality that nothing has truly changed for the everyday Cuban who continues to struggle on a daily basis simply to find a decent meal, fulfilling work, or in America’s terminology, the pursuit of happiness.

Actually, one thing has changed: It’s now easier for Americans to travel to the island and witness the misery and failure of 50-plus years of autocratic rule.

Only time will tell if the re-establishment of diplomatic relations was a success or not, but for the president to visit this regime boasting of changes and progress is truly shameful and a farce.

Fernando A. Garcia-Chacon,

Coral Gables