Letters to the Editor

No to real chicks

Make the humane choice not to buy live chicks and rabbits as Easter gifts. Instead of live animals, consider giving children a plush toy or a chocolate rabbit.

Those adorable babies grow up quickly into adults that will need proper socialization, care and companionship for many years.

After cats and dogs, rabbits are animals most frequently surrendered to shelters, largely because people acquire them as babies but aren’t prepared for the long-term commitment involved for their care. Others are released into backyards, but pet rabbits cannot survive on their own outdoors like wild rabbits. Chickens also need dedicated, consistent care and far too many of them end up in shelters and sanctuaries, or dead.

If you think you and your family are ready for the responsibility of a rabbit or backyard chicken, visit TheShelterPetProject.org or PetFinder.com to find adoptable rabbits, chickens and other pets who are already in local shelters and rescues and are waiting for a wonderful new home like yours.

Jessica Spain, Miami