Letters to the Editor

Jews for Trump?

Readers of the March 13 edition must have been astonished to see a full-page ad promoting Donald Trump as a friend of the Jewish people and Israel to members of the Jewish community.

As a Jew, this is a matter of some concern.

This massive plug for Trump, coming only two days before a decisive primary election in Florida, was paid for by Jacob “Hank” Sopher, the New York City developer and parking lot magnate who controls Quik Park and real estate in the heart of Miami worth more than $100 million.

More precisely, Sopher’s properties constitute the core of African-American Investments, an Israeli real estate development company, which has been assembling large pieces of real estate in downtown Miami.

Real estate investors might benefit from having a New York developer in the White House, but would the election of a braggart who suffers from Islamophobia, Hispanophobia, sexism, authoritarianism and jingoism really benefit Jews?

Who needs a friend like that?

Morris Sunshine,

Miami Beach