Letters to the Editor

Jews backing Trump

The full-page ad in Sunday’s Miami Herald by Jacob “Hank” Sopher urging the Jewish community to vote for Donald Trump should come as no surprise to those who think that most Jews vote for Democratic candidates.

Many, if not most, Jews who survived the Holocaust, or are related to Holocaust survivors will never vote for a Democrat because President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s refused to allow the passengers aboard the SS St. Louis — all of whom were Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany and Holocaust — into the United States after the Cuba reneged on its agreement to accept these passengers.

I taught social studies at a Chassidic high school for a few years. In 2008, I tried to schedule a debate, asking for volunteers — one side for John McCain, the other for Barack Obama. Lo and behold, not one student was willing to take Democrat Obama’s side.

Stan Flax, Surfside