Letters to the Editor

Our campaign system

We have a corrupt campaign-finance system that allows private interests to literally buy elections.

This is not in dispute; in fact, this is likely the only issue that Republicans, Independents and Democrats vigorously agree upon.

As a prime example of how corrupt campaign finance is, consider the stark contrast between the Democratic frontrunners: Hillary Clinton’s Super PACs have raised millions from Wall Street, whereas Bernie Sanders has more than 5 million individual contributions averaging $27 a piece.

Now, which group of campaign contributors would you rather have your next president beholden to?

The everyday Americans donating $27 to Bernie? Or the banks that collapsed Florida’s housing market donating millions to Hillary?

On Tuesday and this November, let’s stand together to tell the special interests that have taken over our democracy that enough is enough. Bernie Sanders is the only candidate who will remove private money from politics.

Colin McIntosh,